Mar 12, 2014

Quickie Review - It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Anti-Aging Concealing Cream w/ Brush

Hey there.

I am a QVC/HSN junkie. I like the ability to find good, high quality products and pay on time. I know, kinda dorky but I like it.

I've been looking at concealers to possibly replace my Bare Minerals Correcting Concealer (in Tan 2). I like my BM concealer, no complaints at all, but I'm hitting major pan and I thought I'd try some others and see what happens. I mean, I might be missing out on something major if I don't try new things!!
Folks online and on YouTube have talked about how great It Cosmetics concealers are so when QVC had a sale (and 2 easy payments!) I decided to try it out.

OMG! This was a massive FAIL! BUT, it's my fail folks -- no fault of the good It Cosmetics people. I'm sure they have a concealer that would work well for me but the Bye Bye Redness Anti-Aging Concealing Cream ain't it baby! It felt good but the shade is not made for people of color. I'm pretty fair skinned but even so,this is not for me. But, if you look at the QVC site, there is not a deeper skinned lady so I should have gone with that.

Like I said, I'm sure there are plenty of products that It Cosmetics makes that would be just fine but as I am finding out, I'm like the show me state...

...I have to see it (in the magical lights of Sephora or Ulta) to believe it!

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