Mar 13, 2014

Dynamic Duo - Lancôme Lips

I purchased Lancôme's Gloss in Love lip gloss in Cinema Cinnamon. When I tried it on in the store, I fell in love with it immediately. Seriously! The lady gave me a glob to try and I told her that Cinema Cinnamon was coming home with me! It's a soft, light caramel that leaves just a hint of color and the right amount of gloss. It's not sticky and has a very pleasant scent. I can't think of what it smells like.  

Anyway, I purchased the gloss on purpose but got the lipstick in my GWP bag. I've had other Lancôme lipsticks so I knew how good they were. I didn't need to try a lipstick out, right?! So, I put it aside and played with the lip gloss and other items in the bag.  Bad move!

I knew that I would love the lip gloss but I was very surprised when I swatched the lipstick.  It was Lancôme Color Design Sensational Effects Lipcolor in Trendy Mauve. It looks like a darker color than it is. When you put it on you see that it's a soft, warm brown, closer to a light cinnamon color. Then you top it with the gloss and omg! It's beautiful! The gloss is just as pretty on its own.  It's just a hint of sparkle.

The wear is a little longer than normal too. I think that's because of the gloss. I've worn it over my other brown lipstick shades and its does the same thing. 

I have made this my dynamic duo go-to since I bought the gloss. I wouldn't have chosen this lipstick color but boy am I glad that I got it free. I will get soooo much mileage out of this duo!

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