Mar 11, 2014

Milani Color Statement Lipsticks

I'm a lip gloss girl. Everybody knows that. But when you wear lip gloss as much as I do, sometimes you want to change it up a little. Sometimes you need something to complement your shine. Hello Milani Color Statement Lipsticks, shine complementer.

I knew that Milani was coming out with new shades. I had seen blogs posts and Instagram pics for over a month but I couldn't find them in my neighborhood. Then, last Sunday something amaze-balls happened. I walked through my local Publix (grocery store) and I saw that a new Milani end cap was being put up. Instead of a small shelf with room for a few lipsticks and blushes, a shelf with three times the space was being put up. When I walked through my Walgreens, I saw the same thing. That could only mean one thing....We were FINALLY getting the new Milani products!

So this Wednesday (after stalking the store shelves Monday and Tuesday) I found several of the new Milani nail polish, lip gloss, and of course, Color Statement Lipsticks. I picked up 2 of the newest lipsticks, Dulce Caramelo and Teddy Bare. They are oh so sweet nude lipsticks for more pigmented lips. Yep, this new line has great nudes for the girlies with darker lips. I love it!

Generally speaking, Milani lipsticks are matte so when I wore mine, I added a gloss with very little color over top. I love the color but I like a little shine on my lips (goes back to being a lip gloss girl). I wanted my Dulce Caramelo and Teddy Bare Milani Color Statement Lipstick to make a statement!

And make a statement, they did. These new lipsticks are just as creamy as the others have been. The color lasted several hours. The colors aren't major pigmented or stains or anything. I know some people like really opaque lip colors. These aren't opaque. Milani stayed true to the formulation with these lipsticks. If you like past lipsticks, then you will like these. The price point is good too. I paid about $4.99 each.

And they do. You really have to get a few!

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