Mar 14, 2014

London SOHO New York 6 Piece Color Expression Eye Set

Oh baby!

LOL. You know when the review begins with that, it has to be good. I picked up these London SOHO New York 6 Piece Color Expression Eye brushes at Walmart a few weeks ago and I have been working them ever since!

These brushes are fabulous! I enjoy them very much. The bristles are soft and full and the handles are very sturdy. The handle is the perfect length for eye brushes. They fit it your hand well and the barrel isn't too big and clunky. It's slender and easy to control. They wash and dry like a breeze too. I used very little brush soap and they drived overnight. And, of course, they are pretty. Pink and black -- they look great on my makeup table.

Let's talk about the brushes.

My favorite brush of the entire set is the Sweep It brush. It's the all over eyeshadow brush. I love it to sweep color all over my lid, just like it says. I like to "base" my eye in a nice light brown or pink or peach color and then use the other brushes to add the other colors. This brush is perfect for that. It picks up the right amount of product and then evenly distributes the color across you lid. You don't get patchy places at all.

My next favorite brush was the Shape It brush. It reminds me of the Sweep It brush and a smudge brush at the same time! It's a crease brush that adds a sweep of color but only near the crease area. It doesn't just stay on the crease line, it goes a bit above the crease and a bit below the crease. Because more color goes into the crease line (and lighter colors goes above and below), it gives depth and dimension to the color that you use. This brush allows you to look as if you have really used 2 or 3 colors in the area instead of just one.

I use the Blend It brush as a smudge brush (just like the back of the packaging says). It's a really good one. It picks up a good amount of product and places it perfectly. You can pack on the same color that you used in the crease with the Shape It brush, but make it appear darker.

The Groom It brow groomer is regular. I mean really, can you mess up a eyebrow groomer? I guess so but... I liked it over my other 2 because of the handle. The thin handle is sturdy and I can brush my brows in place quickly.

And the Line It angled eyeliner brush, well, it's not their fault. I don't do potted eyeliner. I've tried it but I prefer the pencil. It's just sits looking pretty on my desk.

So yes, you do need to run out and get this brush set. It's under $10 and it has all the eye brushes that you need. I have a couple of more expensive eye brushes but I've been reaching for these a lot.

It could be the pink handle drawing me near.

But it's probably the great quality of the brushes.

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