Jan 22, 2014

What Flat Iron Do You Use?

I’m on the hunt for a flat iron folks. I’ve use my trusty Conair 3/4" Ceramic Hair Flat Iron for more years that I know. And before that? Another Conair, same color and everything. After 3 years of use, I dropped that one and broke it in half. Now that I’m older, wiser (HA!) and trying to take better care of my hair, I’m looking for some alternatives.

I’ve seen the CHI flat irons (at $100 a pop) and some other alternatives at Ulta, Sally Beauty and Target. They have so many selections, at such a high price point, I really want to pick the right one for my hair. I have relaxed hair and even though I wrap it at night, I still need a touch of heat many mornings. During weeks 1 , 2 & 3 of my perm, my hair looks great and I only need heat every other or every third day. During weeks 4 & 5, I need heat more often. Week 6, 7 and the struggling 8th week – girl you better get some heat on this hair! I have to put heat on it or pull it back into a ponytail.

My Conair is good and I might get through the rest of the year with it but I probably need to start to think about upgrading. I just have so many questions before I do it!

Does the ceramic vs. whatever else they have make a difference? Is black ceramic different than silver or red ceramic? I’ve read the reviews and sure, that helps but I’m a real, live person, person. I want to hear what the people of the land have to say before I plop down up to $100 bucks for a hair tool. 

What do you use and how happy are you? Is that expensive flat iron really all that?

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