Jan 20, 2014

Nail Polish Change - L'Oreal Nail Color in 320 Marvelous

Hey there!

This week I tried L'Oreal Nail Color in 320, Marvelous on my nails. In the bottle it looks like a very pretty light cocoa color with the slightest hint of pink and on your nails. It's a tad bit darker once on your nails but still just as pretty. It's rich and creamy and just looks so lush on my hands! It's a really good warm color great against my skin.

The application is nice. It has a nice sized brush that's tapered to fit your nail perfectly. I used a base coat, 2 color coats and a top coat. I have a hard time not looking at my nails as I type or do dishes. This color is staying in my rotation for sure.

The bottle is very sleek and 'uptown' looking. I purchased it half off but it's so nice that I will get other colors at (WAIT FOR IT.....) full price! I've admitted before that I tended to gravitate towards cheaper polishes. This polish is definitely the one to get me to break that trend.

I plan on a overall nail polish review later in the month but I'm pretty sure that I will only have good things to say about this one.

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