Jan 15, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Most of the year I live in very pleasant weather. I like the heat so when winter comes, I cringe. Apparently, my face does too. My normally normal skin gets dry and flaky during the very first cold snap of the year and doesn't straighten out until 72˚ shows up and stays put. Right now by 7 pm my face feels so tight and dry that my skin soaks up night cream. There are nights that I slather cream on my face twice.

Because I'm probably not the only person that has searched the web for good skin care products, I thought I'd let you in on my skin care routine. It's pretty simple but if I stick to it, I'm usually ok. If I deviate from it for more than a day or two, there's trouble ahead and it takes almost a week to get things right again.

My search for good skin began 7 months ago when I tried a Philosophy Purity Made Simple trial size face wash. I had been using facial wipes but after 2 or 3 weeks of each type of wipe, my face would get red and bumps would appear. Once I began wearing heavier eye makeup (mascara, colored shadows, etc) and foundation with more coverage, I needed a stronger face cleanser  than the one I had been using. Eye remover was another puzzle for me. Each type that I tried made my eyes sting and a few even left a film on my eyes! I researched other folk's skin care routines and came across Purity Made Simple and I fell in love. This cleanser is gentle on my skin but boy does it melt eye makeup off! I mean it really does without a residue or anything. You see I have a gigantic bottle of it (and a spare in the closet). I use a face scrub pad on my face (not my eyes though) and that seems to exfoliate very well. I know about the expensive scrubbers but this works for me.

My day time face moisturizer is Garnier Moisture Rescue. I've used it for almost 2 years and it's pretty good. It has an SPF of 15 and feels good under my face powder or foundation. I have no complaints but I'm participating in my Sample Bin Series so that could change.

My night time moisturizer is Lacura Q10 night cream. I found it at ALDI on the recommendation of a few youtube vloggers. Again, it works but I'm not in love with it. I'd be open to other moisturizers. I've tried different gels and creams before and wasn't impressed. This is the first cream in a while that I've liked well enough to keep using it. Not sure that I'll repurchase it. I might find something new and well, spring is near (If I keep saying that, it will get here faster).

I have 2 little extras that I use several times a day. I had a huge growth on my face for about 2 years that I named Henry. Well, it wasn't really huge. It was a small cyst that you couldn't see because I wear glasses most of the time. But, it needed to be removed. Once I built up the courage (and my doctor assured me it wouldn't leave a deep scar that I would need a plastic surgeon for), I had it removed about 4 months ago. Yes, I have pictures, no, I won't show them cause some of you might be eating dinner. It was kinda gross.  Once the scar healed, I began using 100% cocoa butter on it. Amaze-balls, it faded it no time. So now I use cocoa butter on a multitude of sins.

And out of everything I use each day, my most beloved item is my Aquaphor. Cuts, scrapes, chapped lips, jacked up feet, you name it. I was introduced to it when my daughter was born. The nurses sent her home with a big tub of it and I've always had some on hand ever since. I have a large tube next to my bed, 2 tubes in my desk drawer at work, 1 tube on top of my desk, 1 tube in every purse, 1 tube on the book case, 1 tube in the remote holder next to the sofa...you get the picture. If you haven't tried Aquaphor you really should invest in a tube. Yes, you can go with the store brand because it is a bit pricey but if you are okay with making a few high priced cosmetic purchases a month, then you should be okay investing in this. It really is the best.

So I'm married to my Philosophy Purity Made Simple and my Aquaphor, I'm engaged to my Garnier Moisture Rescue and my 100% Cocoa Butter and I'm dating my Lacura Q10 night cream...

... until something better comes along.

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