Jan 13, 2014

Nail Polish Change - Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Bare Naked & China Glaze Glitz'n Pieces

I picked up some really pretty polishes in my hauls this week. The colors were so pretty that I knew that I was going to have some fun with my nails.

Now, I've mentioned that I have a nail quirk. I like funky colors on my feet and demure colors on my hands. I think it's because I work with my hands a lot and so they chip quickly. It's easy to touch up demure colors (nudes, pales, etc). My toe nail polish lasts 3 or 4 weeks sometimes so I can go crazy with color on them. This week I picked up 6 polishes. I got 4 for my hands, 1 for my toes and 1 fancy overcoat color.

The nail colors resemble many polishes that I have in my collection already. These colors are basic pales and mauves that are totally me. Maybelline Bold Gold is probably the exception to the rule. It is a touch outside of normal for nails but not crazy or anything.


    Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro - 200 Bare Naked
     L'Oreal Nail Color - 320 Marvelous
     Maybelline Color Show - 70 Bold Gold
     Sally Hansen Instra-Dry Fast Dry Nail Color - 180 Rose Rum

I've chosen the Rimmel Bare Naked to go under the China Glaze Glitz'n Pieces. I only Glitzed my ring fingers on both hands. Looks cute I think.

Side note - Folks, I had gel nails for about 6 months. They looked so pretty. I got complements everywhere I went. Once I decided to take them off and let my nails breathe, I discovered that my natural nails looked horrible! They were soft and a tad discolored. I've been letting them heal and 4 months later, they are better, but not the best. I've added biotin to my vitamins so they are making a slow recovery. My nails photographed so beautifully a year ago. Now, well, this is what I have. I working on it though.

 The Revlon polish that I got for my toesies is in 330 Naughty. That is a normal toe nail color, jazzy, funky, shows off my toesies perfectly. I have something on right now so I'll probably wait until next weekend to do them.

The China Glaze in 1181 Glitz'n pieces is a bit new for me. I haven't done glittery overlay in many years but I'm very excited to show this off.

After I've had a bit of time to test run the different polishes, I'll be sure to do a review for you. Maybe I can do a nail review each month. What do you think? Do you have any colors that you've seen that you'd like to try?

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