Jul 31, 2015

Quickie Review - Goody Skinny Bobby Pins

Hey there!

Not sure if this is a quickie review or a rant! I thought that I did a good thing by purchasing these Goody Skinny Bobby Pins. I thought that they would work super well at creating perfect updos for my hair.

I was wrong.

I have baby hairs at the back of my hair and I have a side bang that is subject to curl fall-age. When I put my hair in a ponytail, we sometimes have runaway hair pieces. When I curl my hair on humid days, we have hair fall-age. I make sure that I have bobby pins to take care of those areas. I'm currently using brown regular bobby pins and brown small bobby pins. Neither works that well. The regular ones are sometimes too thick and totally visible to others and the short ones snag and pull my hair. These skinny ones looked to be a life saver.

They are a great idea, in theory (wait...is that the same thing?). They are thin so you can supposedly swoop up some hair and then hide the bobby pin. The reality is that they are so thin, they bend and twist and they get snagged in your hair. Because the bend, you can't put them all the way in your hair.

These ended up sitting in the bathroom with all the other misfit hair toys. If I had an island to send them to, I would.

Have you tried these? Do you want to? Why don't you just send me your money instead.

It's a wiser investment.

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