Apr 15, 2015

#RetractableLipPencilsForLife Part II

Hey there!

Before I exclaimed #RetractableLipPencilsForLife, I purchased 2 regular lip pencils from Prestige Cosmetics. I saw them in Rite-Aid and decided that I really needed to give them a chance. The colors on the end of the pencils looked nice and they claimed to be creamy. They were only $3.99 each and I had some Rite-Aid cash to spend so really, I could afford to try them out!

I kinda wish I hadn't.

I picked up the shades Silk and Cameo. The ends of the tubes made both colors look so tempting. I was excited to try them! I tried Silk first because I thought it would match some of my pinky nudes. Well, it's a tiny bit nuder than I thought. It's more nude than I can pull off. It's almost a non-existent nude.  I also tried Cameo and it looked better (but not by much). It was a soft brown. It was a color that I could at least ull off with the right lipstick.

Neither of these pencils could stand up to gloss alone. It was the first time in my life that I had found a lip pencil that couldn't be paired with gloss by itself.  What the french toast??

And, both of them were a horrible consistency. Both of them were chalky and was so far from glide on, my lips still hurt.

And that's it. That's all the review I can give them, they were that horrible. I've never tried anything from this brand and I am pretty sure that I will never try anything else.

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