Jan 3, 2015

365 Pins

(Borrowed from pinterest with respect)

Hey There !

Have you finished making your goals for 2015? Did you already drive past the gym (on your way to the new Krispy Kreme -- true story)? Have you already begun your nightly gratitude ritual (except last night because you were out late, and not the night before cause you were kinda drunk -- not a true story)? I always try to make goals that I can meet. Someone told me that I was crazy to make easy goals and that I should make harder to reach goals.

I didn't say that I make easy goals. I don't know about you but I don't want to list 43 things that I can't possibly make happen. I wanted my goals to be attainable. I made them stretch my mind, get out of my comfort zone and move a little, all while practicing my 2015 words of the year, self care.

One of my goals was originally to "do a Pinterest pin every day". I modified it to do 365 Pinterest pins this year. What's the difference? Well, I might get a wild hair and do 15 pins in a weekend or I might go 4 days without doing a pin at all. Again, I wanted my goal to be a challenge that I could obtain.

I created a board titled "Things to try in 2015". It has food items to cook, nail art to try, wardrobe looks to mimic, DIY crafts to screw up and expensive crap to purchase. I just spent about a week pinning stuff that I thought would be interesting to do in 2015. I'll keep pinning throughout the year (in case some new, great stuff comes up). Go ahead over there and take a look. It's fun stuff, I promise.

(Borrowed from pinterest with respect)

It's day 3 of the new year and so far I've created an ombre lip...that I forgot to take a picture of, so I have to do it again. But, I did pin a quote and make it my phone locked screen (again, no picture). Sighhhhhh. That's a good start! I think so anyway.

The one thing that I have to decide is how to hold myself accountable. I don't want to devote a day of the week blog post to it or anything and a day of the month might be a bit much. I may just Instagram it and mark it as #ThingsToDoIn2015. Hey....

So what's the first thing on your goals list that you've already started? Nothing? No worries. That new Krispy Kreme isn't gonna christen itself!

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