Oct 20, 2014

Nail Polish Change - SinfulColors in Vacation Time

Hey There!

Don't you LOVE this color? It's like warm melted chocolate dripping all over my fingers (which is the case a lot of the time - I'm such a foodie). 

Sinful Colors does it right when it comes to polish! They do a fan-dang-tastic job I tell ya! This particular polish is proof. I have only had 1 polish so far that wasn’t great. Besides this color (Vacation Time) being fantastic, this polish itself is great. It lasts all week, had very minimal chipping and brilliant shine. I always use my Sally Hansen Insta-Dry instead of/as a top coat but this would have been gorgeous without it.

I hated removing this polish. HATED it. My plan was to change polish every 3 or 4 days to showcase my darker, richer colors. I didn't want to! I got soooo many compliments on this color that taking it off was really a shame. And, except for where I jammed my ringer on the side of the car door (no pain, just shame), there were no chips until day 5! Then it was just the tips (I type a lot).

I don't even put this color back in its polish container. I just leave it out and when I can't fingure out what to wear, this bad boy goes on.

I got this for either $.99 or $1.99 at Walgreens. If you haven't tried Sinful Colors nail polish, this is a GREAT one to start off with.

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