May 10, 2014

Rimmel London Vinyl Jelly Lip Liners

My local Big Lots doesn't normally have a great selection of anything really. I can catch one or two things every now and then. When I do catch something, then I want to scour the land and go to ALL the Big Lots for more (that's either my competition complex, need to concur complex or hoarders complex -- not sure which). Last week was a now and then that I caught something. I found 2 packages of 2 Rimmel Vinyl Jelly Lip Liners. Jackpot!

I don't remember these liners. Some kinda way, I missed them. And, apparently, there was a whole line of jelly products! I not only missed the Vinyl Jelly Gloss Lip Liner line, I also missed the Rimmel Jelly Cocktails Sheer Lipgloss and Rimmel Jelly Tints Lip Balms. The name alone makes me want to hunt them down! No worries because I now have in my collection, Fudge, Tasty, Hot Spark and Be A Star. These lip liners are just like the Rimmel Exaggerate lip liners -- smooth, creamy and easy to put on.

Fudge is a warm brown  and Tasty is a pinky brown. They both fit in perfectly with my love of nude lipsticks. Or, if I want to use my liner as a base I can top them with gloss. Hot Spark is a pretty pinky red that will add pop to my nudes and play nicely with my berries. Be A Star, well the name says it all, doesn't it? It's going to go with those pinks that I have (I do have some!). I am ready to play with all 4 of these colors.

And, I got them for a buck a piece. That made me happiest of all. You KNOW I'm going back for backups! At $2 for 2, you can't go wrong. If I hadn't swatched these at 10 pm, I'd have gotten dressed and gone back out!

What super products did you find this week? Do you scour discount stores like I do? And if so, do you leave 1 or 2 items for other people (cause I'm about to take ALL of these!)?

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