Mar 28, 2014

Wet n Wild 8 Pan Palette Walking The Red Carpet

I don't want to get on  the bandwagon but I think I have to.  I think Wet n Wild 8 pan pallets are made in a different factory than the 3 and 5 pan pallets.  I mean really. 

I recently purchased the Wet n Wild 8 pan in Walking The Red Carpet and got ...

a pink that is more chalky white than pink,
a silver white that might be useful,
a taupe that might be useful as a blending color,
a glittery gold that is chunky and a bit too young for my eyes,
a brown that doesn't show up much and what does show up is very bland,
a gold that might be useful,
a dark drown that is so chalky, I'm scared the fall out will ruin the rest of my face,
and a warmer brown that might be useful

So 3 are usable, 2 are too bad to use and the other 3 might be used to enhance something else.

I read the reviews but I had hope. I wanted to believe.  The last 4 pans that I bought were fabulous (Silent Era Film, To Muse and Carouse, The Naked Truth & Floral Values). They were nicely pigmented and even the colors that were too bright for me (aqua blue and lilac) were still nice to wear. Someone else could have worn them with no problem.  This latest 8 pan? Not so much. 

I don't want to go too hard on Wet n Wild because they make some really nice products. These just seem to be disappointing each time. 

I think the problem is that we keep buying them. They are only 4 or 5 bucks and we keep believing that this next 8 pan will be different. 

And they aren't. 

So, will I buy the next one that comes out? Very possibly. 

Sighhhh. And that's the problem. 

If I keep buying them, they will keep making them. 

What about you? Have you tried the latest 8 pans palettes? Did you like them? Do you plan to keep buying them? 

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