Feb 2, 2014

Quickie Review - Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain

Wet n Wild products are very hit or miss for me. Some things work better than others. I love 50% of their eyeshadows and the other 50% seem chalky or are too bright for me. Some of their lip products are moist and smooth and very pigmented while others are dry and leave my lips chapped. Even so, I keep trying. I think it's because Wet n Wild products are so inexpensive. The price point makes it worth it to only get it right 50% of the time. Well Wet n Wild, your Megaslicks Balm Stain was on the hit side for me.  I really enjoyed the two that I purchased.

According to the Wet n Wild website (wnwbeauty.com), there are 6 colors; 124 Lady and the Vamp, 125 Red-dy or Not, 126 Rico Mauve, 127 A Stiff Pink, 128 Pinky Promise, 129 Nudist Colony. My Walgreens store only had 5 in stock. They were all out of the Nudist Colony but that's understandable. When in doubt, go nude. I picked the two that I thought would look best on me. I used a $1 coupon (on each) to get a great deal on Lady and The Vamp & Rico Mauve. Beauty Finds are always better with a coupon. Anywho, I've picked up many lip balms, chubbies, tints, etc. but I don't  don't know that I've ever picked up a stain (on purpose) before. I didn't pay much attention to the fact that these were stains. I didn't notice until I used the Rico Mauve and 4 hours later still had color minus moisture. Then I realized it really was a stain.

I know that people complain that sometimes stains are drying but these are really moist. They go on smooth and the moisture lasted for a decent amount of time. They are nicely pigmented and the stained color lasted for a loooong time. The stain meant after the moisture left I could add a swipe of lip balm and keep on going. That's really not bad for 2 bucks!

Don't judge the dry hand! 

The Rico Mauve was the balm stain that I wore first. It went on a nice pinky/mauve/pale plumy color. About 3 hours later (after eating a pop tart and drinking hot tea) it stained my lips a mauve/pink color. I wasn't too fond of the pink color so I added a tinted balm to tone the pink down. Lady and The Vamp started as plumy color and ended up a bit darker but very pretty. I just added some untinted balm for moisture and kept the same color for almost six hours. Pretty nice!

While I'd wear the Lady and The Vamp alone (plus balm later), I'll add a gloss to the Rico Mauve to make it more wearable for me. I do like them but I don't know that they currently have any other colors I'd try. If they come out with new colors, I'm all over it!

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