Feb 6, 2014

Quickie Review - Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color

I've said before that Wet n Wild products are hit or miss for me. When I saw these Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid lip colors (Cherry on Top & Raisin The Roof) I thought that they would certainly be hits! The colors looked fabulous and you can't go wrong with a liquid lip color can you? Well, maybe you can.

All of the Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Colors are not new but the two that I purchased were. The Wet n Wild website has 13 colors in all. Most stores that I visited have had at least 8 of them on their shelves so there hasn't been a run on these colors. I kinda know why.

These are lip stains. I mean stain for real! When I swatched my hand to take photos, I had to take a 15 minute phone call before I could take my picture. Then I tried to take the swatches off my hand. BIG MISTAKE! That color wasn't going anywhere! I used makeup remover pads, Purity Makeup Remover, eye makeup remover, Dawn dishliquid, makeup brush cleaner...sigh. I finally removed most of the color but that made me really scared to wear them.

And I should have been scared. The color was very pigmented. They were super colors. Cherry on Top was a deep, wine colored red. The paddle foot applicator (that I really like) glided across my lips and glistened for about 3 minutes. Then the color got dull. I had to add a lip balm on top. Raisin The Roof was the same experience. The sparkling copper color was rich and vibrant and then dulled quickly. But the color lasted.

And lasted...way longer than I wanted it to. My lips felt dry and I kept adding lip balm. By the afternoon I added enough balm to begin trying to scrub the color off. It didn't wear off evenly and I didn't want to look crazy. That night I had to slather on Aquaphor for moisture.

I won't be buying these again. They do last but I didn't really want them to.

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