Mar 19, 2014

Wet n Wild Mega Lip Color

Top - Make Me Blush, Middle - Ring Around The Rosy, Bottom - A Currant Affair

So let's continue our theme of things we love. Let's talk about these Wet n Wild Mega Lip Colors. 

Make Me Blush, Ring Around The Rosy and A Currant Affair are the three shades that I currently own. The color pay off is nice. The colors are all shades of brown (surprise!) but they are nice colors that vary in their "browness". You know what I mean. We've all purchased several shades of some lipstick brands only to discover they were all the same shade or so close to it that you should have only purchased 1. That is not the case with these. All three colors stood on their own.  
Top - Make Me Blush, Middle - Ring Around The Rosy, Bottom - A Currant Affair
I was surprised how moist they were.  I didn't need to pre-balm as I do with many lipsticks (you know, add lip balm before adding lipstick). I just added my liner and went to town. 

They lasted several hours of my talking and eating and reapplied well. Now, I did notice that if I didn't remove the old lipstick, I'd get that annoying line but it's worth it for the moisture. 

I can also complain a bit about the packaging but then I'd have to take it right back. Wet n wild used so much plastic and sticky tape on these that it takes forever to get into them. But, that means no one tried them out before you so, see? I can't really complain!

The price? Really? You have to ask? These lipsticks are next to nothing at $2.99 each and drugstores always have a BOGO 1/2 off going on. Stock up then. 

All in all, these lippies are the best. If you don't have some of these in your collection, you are making poor life choices. 

Make better choices people. Pick some of these up. 

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