Jan 13, 2014

Pour something to drink, pull up a chair and come on into my world!

Welcome to my makeup room! Inside you'll find find the perfect makeup lighting, the best storage for cosmetics and all the products you need to create the perfect face. Or....you'll find a bathroom counter with dirty makeup brushes, skin care samples, wrong concealer shades and more lip gloss than anyone could ever wear in a year.
Two years ago I had smooth, blemish free, problem free skin. I wore a little bit of eyeliner, some lip gloss and on special occasions I'd add some face powder and eye shadow from a CoverGirl trio that was at least three years old. My bathroom counter was pretty empty. The only makeup brushes that I had came with the Bare Minerals face powder and I very rarely used them.
original makeup
Then I turned 40. Yep,the big 4.0. My body celebrated one day and then turned to pot the next! My skin became dry and in desperate need of moisture. Hairs grew out of places on my face that hair should never be. And, to accentuate the hair, black spots popped up. Wrinkles appeared and my once smooth skin changed texture. I knew that if I ever wanted to appear in public again, I'd have to make some changes.
So, I started researching moisturizers and frequenting makeup counters. I asked everyone I knew what makeup they used. I began trying out colors that I had never worn before. Yes, there were many days that I looked like a clown and yes, I have several drawers of products that didn't work. I have gifted so many products to friends and family, I'm sure they thought I was running a makeup store out of my house.
Now, two years later, I'm a little bit wiser (I know to research before I buy and shop were I can return) and I've managed to stop some of the damage that time has brought on. The clean bathroom vanity top that I use to have, well, now it's filled with makeup brushes, lip colors, face creams, lotions and potions.
I don't have the perfect makeup room or the most glamorous makeup collection but I'm learning and it's growing and lucky you, you get to come on the journey!
(Original post 1/4/2014).

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